EmotionalHustle Research Report

https://www.instagram.com/emotionalhustle/ “Social media is now being used to model mental well-being, and for understanding health outcomes.” (Digital Medicine) Social media can be used as a disadvantage in most cases, however with time, social media is now becoming an avocet for mental health and promoting more positivity than ever before with posting simple quotes and interactingContinue reading “EmotionalHustle Research Report”

Controversial Studios Presents… Research Report!

For my DA, ‘Controversial Studios Presents’ is where I discuss in weekly videos on my channel about unethical video games and analysing them through media sources and political opinions on why these games are deemed inappropriate. The ideology behind my DA was to represent my academic research and an audience analysis in each video aboutContinue reading “Controversial Studios Presents… Research Report!”

#FreeBritney Research Report

Throughout the timeline of my media niche/DA “#FreeBritney” which was exemplified on “Controversial Studios Presents”, auto-ethnographic research has helped me think outside of the box and weave in my own personal experience with Britney Spears’s fan base called “The Britney Army“. Auto-ethnographic research critically reflected my audience participation by highlighting nostalgia from my childhood dueContinue reading “#FreeBritney Research Report”

Peer Commentary For Beta (BCM 241)

Peer commentary in BCM 241 has helped gain opinions and advice from an audience perspective to improve DA’s and gain more knowledge in subject materials. The first round of commenting for pitches I went in with more of a brief opinion about the DA, so I decided to go more into depth with frameworks forContinue reading “Peer Commentary For Beta (BCM 241)”

Peer Commentary on BETA (BCM 215)

Beta commentary was the last round of comments we will do for BCM 215, however it was similar to the first round of comments in the pitch commentary but I decided to go more into depth with the analytical frameworks and point out what they put in their video or blog and suggest what theyContinue reading “Peer Commentary on BETA (BCM 215)”


Through out the process of Controversial Studios Presents, I have repeatedly used an auto-ethnographic approach about #FreeBritney by exemplifying my opinions about the situation and gain sources from a fanbase I am apart of in my youtube videos. I have also included net ethnographic research of Britney Spears’s conservatorship and the people behind the scenesContinue reading “THE MORE #FREEBRITNEY THE BETA!”

BCM 206 -The chronic task of sorting: information flows and liquid labour

“No one can escape the transforming fire of machines. Technology, which once progressed at the periphery of culture, now engulfs our minds as well as our lives. Is it any wonder that technology triggers such intense fascination, fear, and rage?” – Kelly, K. (1999) ‘This new economy’. In New Rules for the new Economy InContinue reading “BCM 206 -The chronic task of sorting: information flows and liquid labour”

BCM-206 the Emotional Hustle Movement

Hello lovely people, since starting my journey through BCM I have started with a DA in my first year about fashion and promoting clothing brands on an instagram page which I was very into and was successful with my targeted audience. However through these past couple of weeks and learning about the past and futureContinue reading “BCM-206 the Emotional Hustle Movement”

BCM 206 – Civilisation of The Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

In this week’s lecture for BCM 206, Ted discusses the development of a societal paradigm dependant on informational communication technologies. The short way of saying this is ICM. ICM allows the human race to connect with each other through the power of social media and intellect communication by a touch of a button. My GifContinue reading “BCM 206 – Civilisation of The Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm”