Beta Monitor Your Kid’s Video Games!!

Throughout the process of Controversial Studios Presents, I have continued with the same idea as my BCM 215 pitch with the youtube channel. However I was about to go with the ideas of posting blog forms so it was easier to exemplify my scholarly research however, I went to just stick with the one contentContinue reading “Beta Monitor Your Kid’s Video Games!!”

All for One and One for All (Nostalgia FrameWork)

Overtime as my research develops, a framework that comes to mind each time I revisit different games to help my DA form or to help me expand my knowledge in games media is Nostalgia. Nostalgia is what helps me identify my experience in the games media community and help me understand the structures of theContinue reading “All for One and One for All (Nostalgia FrameWork)”

Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA 

Raessen’t frameworks are straight forward categories that highlights types of participation within the gaming industry which is interpretation, construction and reconfiguration. With this said he also has sub categories that are techniques of the above frameworks: virtuality, multimediality, interactivity and connectivity. All of these frameworks come together and in sync with hand to hand work.Continue reading “Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA “

Peer Comment Reflection on Pitches

When reflecting on my peer’s digital artefact pitches, it made myself think more analytically about my chosen DA of “Controversial Studios Presents” and provide myself with more ideas heading into the coming weeks, preparing for my BETA. Comment 1: For my first comment, I contributed to it by giving back motivating and a in depthContinue reading “Peer Comment Reflection on Pitches”

Controversial Studios Presents.. PITCH!

Controversial video games has caught my eye since I was introduced to games with the non ethical ideology and the analysis behind the characters presented in the video games. “Video game controversies refers to a wide range of debates on the social effects of video games on players and broader society, as well as debates within the video game industry.”Continue reading “Controversial Studios Presents.. PITCH!”

Legendary Tales of WWE – Legends Of Wrestling II – Game Boy Advance

“The Game Boy Advance version was by far the lowest-rated WWE game of all time. Described as ugly, clunky, and just plain awful, the game proved to be a train wreck.”. (Koebernik,2020) So when thinking of analysing a ‘bad’ game I tend to think about GameBoy due experiences on the device and reviews on it.Continue reading “Legendary Tales of WWE – Legends Of Wrestling II – Game Boy Advance”

Join the Club! – Club Penguin

Club Penguin is the words I would use to describe my childhood, spending my afternoons and weekends in primary school connecting with other children across the world through waddling around as a penguin. I was addicted to playing mini games, buying igloos, puffles and making friends all thanks to my father’s PC. I began myContinue reading “Join the Club! – Club Penguin”