Expanding the #FreeBritney Online Persona

When describing last week’s epiphanies and using fan accounts as a source of interacting with the Britney Army, I thought I would adapt a bit more on my personal experience with Britney Spears fan culture, how my DA relates to me personally, and why I decided to use youtube as a platform for Controversial StudiosContinue reading “Expanding the #FreeBritney Online Persona”

All for One and One for All (Nostalgia FrameWork)

Overtime as my research develops, a framework that comes to mind each time I revisit different games to help my DA form or to help me expand my knowledge in games media is Nostalgia. Nostalgia is what helps me identify my experience in the games media community and help me understand the structures of theContinue reading “All for One and One for All (Nostalgia FrameWork)”

Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA 

Raessen’t frameworks are straight forward categories that highlights types of participation within the gaming industry which is interpretation, construction and reconfiguration. With this said he also has sub categories that are techniques of the above frameworks: virtuality, multimediality, interactivity and connectivity. All of these frameworks come together and in sync with hand to hand work.Continue reading “Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA “

Observing Research and Creating an Online Persona for #FreeBritney

For my DA in #BCM 241, I have created an easy and accessible online niche to present to my audience the research and my passion behind #FreeBritney. By sharing my digital artefact on twitter I have gained knowledge on who uses twitter and found that it is easier for myself to upload youtube links forContinue reading “Observing Research and Creating an Online Persona for #FreeBritney”

The Revolution of Future Networks and The Impact it has on Globalisation

My Gif highlights the ‘revolution’ of growth and how society has grown with the development of the internet which represents the continuing change of the world wide web. “The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before.” – (Cerf, V., Kahn, R., et al (1997) ‘Brief History of the Internet’, The InternetContinue reading “The Revolution of Future Networks and The Impact it has on Globalisation”

Narrative: Responding to disruption and change

Through my journey of life and with what I have witness plus experienced, has shaped the person I am today through learning and growing older with time. When it comes to writing about change or disruption within your work bubble, thinking narratively helps us to identify steps that have been taken in life that areContinue reading “Narrative: Responding to disruption and change”

Analysis on Peer Commentary for Pitches

Peer commentary is known to engage with work from others of the same subject to help build an ideology of the subject and exchange criticism. Peer Commentary helped me examine and engage in digital artefacts that other students posted in BCM 241 by watching in detail the youtube clips and reading the contextual blogs. ItContinue reading “Analysis on Peer Commentary for Pitches”

Peer Comment Reflection on Pitches

When reflecting on my peer’s digital artefact pitches, it made myself think more analytically about my chosen DA of “Controversial Studios Presents” and provide myself with more ideas heading into the coming weeks, preparing for my BETA. Comment 1: For my first comment, I contributed to it by giving back motivating and a in depthContinue reading “Peer Comment Reflection on Pitches”

Pitching for #FreeBritney!

Auto-ethnographic research addresses personal experiences through writing and connect this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings. “Autoethnography is typically defined as an approach to research that puts the self at the center of cultural analysis.” – Kathy Roulston With the above stated, This is the value I am striving for toContinue reading “Pitching for #FreeBritney!”

Controversial Studios Presents.. PITCH!

Controversial video games has caught my eye since I was introduced to games with the non ethical ideology and the analysis behind the characters presented in the video games. “Video game controversies refers to a wide range of debates on the social effects of video games on players and broader society, as well as debates within the video game industry.”Continue reading “Controversial Studios Presents.. PITCH!”