The Helping Hand Called the Internet

History of IoT: The IoT technology was created in the year 1999 by Kevin Ashton and it stands for “Internet of Things”. A visionary technologist, Ashton was giving a presentation for Procter & Gamble where he described IoT as a technology that connected several devices with the help of RFID tags for supply chain management.Continue reading “The Helping Hand Called the Internet”

Peer Commentary For Beta (BCM 241)

Peer commentary in BCM 241 has helped gain opinions and advice from an audience perspective to improve DA’s and gain more knowledge in subject materials. The first round of commenting for pitches I went in with more of a brief opinion about the DA, so I decided to go more into depth with frameworks forContinue reading “Peer Commentary For Beta (BCM 241)”

Peer Commentary on BETA (BCM 215)

Beta commentary was the last round of comments we will do for BCM 215, however it was similar to the first round of comments in the pitch commentary but I decided to go more into depth with the analytical frameworks and point out what they put in their video or blog and suggest what theyContinue reading “Peer Commentary on BETA (BCM 215)”

Beta Monitor Your Kid’s Video Games!!

Throughout the process of Controversial Studios Presents, I have continued with the same idea as my BCM 215 pitch with the youtube channel. However I was about to go with the ideas of posting blog forms so it was easier to exemplify my scholarly research however, I went to just stick with the one contentContinue reading “Beta Monitor Your Kid’s Video Games!!”


Through out the process of Controversial Studios Presents, I have repeatedly used an auto-ethnographic approach about #FreeBritney by exemplifying my opinions about the situation and gain sources from a fanbase I am apart of in my youtube videos. I have also included net ethnographic research of Britney Spears’s conservatorship and the people behind the scenesContinue reading “THE MORE #FREEBRITNEY THE BETA!”

Expanding the #FreeBritney Online Persona

When describing last week’s epiphanies and using fan accounts as a source of interacting with the Britney Army, I thought I would adapt a bit more on my personal experience with Britney Spears fan culture, how my DA relates to me personally, and why I decided to use youtube as a platform for Controversial StudiosContinue reading “Expanding the #FreeBritney Online Persona”

All for One and One for All (Nostalgia FrameWork)

Overtime as my research develops, a framework that comes to mind each time I revisit different games to help my DA form or to help me expand my knowledge in games media is Nostalgia. Nostalgia is what helps me identify my experience in the games media community and help me understand the structures of theContinue reading “All for One and One for All (Nostalgia FrameWork)”

Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA 

Raessen’t frameworks are straight forward categories that highlights types of participation within the gaming industry which is interpretation, construction and reconfiguration. With this said he also has sub categories that are techniques of the above frameworks: virtuality, multimediality, interactivity and connectivity. All of these frameworks come together and in sync with hand to hand work.Continue reading “Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA “

Observing Research and Creating an Online Persona for #FreeBritney

For my DA in #BCM 241, I have created an easy and accessible online niche to present to my audience the research and my passion behind #FreeBritney. By sharing my digital artefact on twitter I have gained knowledge on who uses twitter and found that it is easier for myself to upload youtube links forContinue reading “Observing Research and Creating an Online Persona for #FreeBritney”