Peer Commentary on BETA (BCM 215)

Beta commentary was the last round of comments we will do for BCM 215, however it was similar to the first round of comments in the pitch commentary but I decided to go more into depth with the analytical frameworks and point out what they put in their video or blog and suggest what they need to add in. This has helped me for my final essay as I can give and receive feedback on my DA which adds to my research on my specific gaming audience.

Comment 1:

With this first comment, I kept it to more of a criteria perspective by bringing out the details in her beta video and blog post. So firstly I start with a positive comment which I do for all of them to be supportive in their final project development. Also mentioning details about what was written in the criteria about what not to do helps highlight what they have done well in and how much they relate their DA back to the subject materials. Mentioning analytic frameworks is important as it also helps them to keep on track with the frameworks mentioned for their final essay. Suggesting further action they could take so it can help them gain as much research from the audience so they have evidence to put in their final project is important as well.

Comment 2:

In the second comment, I make it clear that its an interesting topic and also one that relates to this generation due to most people my age (including myself) had a DS and played the multiple games Georgie referred to through out her beta post. I also point out in the comment that her research highlighted her chosen analytical frameworks and added a link of an academic source to help add to her chosen DA. Also keeping it positive and encouraging helps to remind them they are on the right path.

Comment 3:

With the last comment, I went over how the structure of his DA wasn’t repetitive and suggested to add more research into his final essay or for future times. The same as the rest, I mentioned analytic framework which is important in all DA work to implement subject materials. Also pointed out in all the comments the details about their beta video or blog post. For an example I related my DA back to Richards DA as he has the same ideology as me, merging two subjects together on a youtube account, and using the audience as apart of his analysis. Overall peer commentary is a helpful way to see if your DA is interesting to other students and to compare yours to theirs to see if you are on the right track.

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