Peer Commentary For Beta (BCM 241)

Peer commentary in BCM 241 has helped gain opinions and advice from an audience perspective to improve DA’s and gain more knowledge in subject materials. The first round of commenting for pitches I went in with more of a brief opinion about the DA, so I decided to go more into depth with frameworks for this round of commenting and give them some academic sources they can look into. This also helps me with my final assignment by getting suggestions from other students for my DA and receive more academic resources suggested by them.

Comment 1:

For the first comment, I went over briefly about how her DA was interesting and heading in the right direction by pointing out the clear objectives through out her beta video and blog post. I also highlighted that she mentioned her methodology which was clear and well structured. Also providing Xoese with an academic resource to add to her analysis research will benefit her final essay with interviewing her father.

Comment 2:

In the second comment I really enjoyed stating my opinion due to me being interested in crime skits on TikTok and enabling to engage more with Kate’s DA. With this comment I also mentioned criteria work and how she didn’t repeat herself in both posts which was specified in the assignment details. It’s important to mention frameworks with all peer comments as its mentioning subject materials, I also said using TikTok as a social media platform is a very good way to gain an audience quick.

Comment 3:

For the last comment, I kept it short and simple due to their post being shorter than the others so it was less information to go off, however it was another interesting DA I could relate to as being a girl into self care. I also mentioned some advice on expanding on more ethnographic research for her next assignment. Overall I think peer commentary is successful way to engage more with peer’s DAs and help with your own DA.

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