Emotional Hustle (BETA)

My DA (Emotional Hustle) is an instagram and TikTok page that supports mental health and shares quotes that are relatable to anyone going through a similar situation. I decided to go along the lines with mental health and a quote page as a niche due to mental health being a huge a advocate across all nations. There are plenty of mental health pages on instagram and TikTok however, I wanted to create a more inviting and aesthetic way that matches a theme so it can get more exposure on different platforms.



As I created these pages, I wanted to interact with my audience as much as I can by posting polls on the instagram page and enabling comments on TikTok in order to receive feedback on EmotionalHustle and what type of audience I was attracting.

By sharing stories on instagram, I was able to see what audience I was attracting and what they like to see on EmotionalHustle. As I created original instagram posts, I also wanted to illustrate to my audience and encourage my followers to interact with other accounts similar to mine. For an example I would repost other mental health pages such as “ThePositiveMinds”, “MentalHealthMinds” and the “KanyeWestDiaries” which on a personal level I followed on my own instagram account to help me through my mental health struggles.

I have attracted more of a female following under the age of 30, located in the same area as me on instagram. This is due to me enabling my location on around the Sydney area so my audience’s explore page will notice my account and also similar accounts will pop up including mine who have a similar niche to get more exposure. Overtime, I gained a following in the triple digits due to me promoting on twitter, instagram and TikTok to attract a following who love an aesthetic pleasing account.

As I posted more on TikTok, I started to realise more shares and likes were being received by different audiences which was great news as people were tagging each-other to watch the TikTok videos. TikTok pages are more likely to be a hit rather than instagram so it didn’t take me long to get more than 3000 likes across all videos and attract an audience of young girls who like to see aesthetic short videos.

The problems I did encounter with the instagram page was not putting enough hashtags to get more engagement so I didn’t gain the followers as expected. This is also due to not posting enough content and not promoting “emotionalhustle” enough on other instagram pages to get the following I’d hoped for. For TikTok, the issues I have is that some of the content I found looked too similar to “emotionalhustle” so it made it a bit harder to stand out however, with the help of Pinterest and underrated twitter accounts, I was about to find quotes that not many accounts have used and create aesthetic videos for my account.

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