Beta Monitor Your Kid’s Video Games!!

Throughout the process of Controversial Studios Presents, I have continued with the same idea as my BCM 215 pitch with the youtube channel. However I was about to go with the ideas of posting blog forms so it was easier to exemplify my scholarly research however, I went to just stick with the one content so it was easier for me instead of spreading across multiple platforms. The feedback I received from the Pitch helped me illiterate more academic research into the controversial video games section of my channel and included great sources from my peers to help me produce more about these unethical games.

As each video comes out weekly, I have posted it to twitter for my audience to interact with my videos and receive any sort of feedback in the comment section of each video posted. The framework I have highlighted through out my channel for the video games section selected is structuralism of the game and the political aspects it has due to the controversy of each video game. In BCM 215 I mainly based my analysis of making videos about unethical video games on the modality, technique and experiences from users to construct an ideology of why these games are politically concerning For research, I tended to go with more scholarly research about the games I was presenting for an example, I would go to the UOW library and find multiple text about violence in video game including “Computers in Human Behaviour” which I mainly got my academic resources from for illustrating the influences of violent games. To also add to my videos, I would search for news articles about the games talked about on Controversial Studios Presents and how people reacted or how they interpreted the game which helped me connect in an audience perspective.

4 thoughts on “Beta Monitor Your Kid’s Video Games!!

  1. Hi Shalisse!

    Great work on your project, you have really put a lot of effort and work into such a unique concept and take on this assignment. I admire that you thought creatively about analyzing a societal issue of gaming, not just a game itself. In saying this, I do recommend that you have an analytical triangle stemming from your mentioned structuralism framework, that defines 3 concepts that you can present the foundation of your investigation on.
    I found this analysis of Violence in GTA
    which might be helpful, In presenting layers of the complexity of the broad topic, in more of a targeted way that is specific to one game. I really like how you’ve connected with the online presence on different social media platforms, awesome work! – Good luck with your Final Da!


  2. Hi Shalisse! I enjoyed reading your blog post and learning more about your project. I think perhaps you could benefit from re-reading your posts and putting them through Grammarly. I use Grammarly for my own blog posts and I find it super easy as it just corrects everything along the way. I would definitely agree with expanding your project to platforms like Reddit as they are well suited to your type of project. I think your project is coming along well, however, I wouldn’t worry too much about views, your audience will find you and your views will flourish. I think you have chosen an excellent topic and think it’s great that you have prior knowledge and opinions on the topic. I am interested to see how these views come across in your project. Well done!


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