Through out the process of Controversial Studios Presents, I have repeatedly used an auto-ethnographic approach about #FreeBritney by exemplifying my opinions about the situation and gain sources from a fanbase I am apart of in my youtube videos. I have also included net ethnographic research of Britney Spears’s conservatorship and the people behind the scenes of the unethical enforced program to run Britney’s estate to illustrate to my audience an insight to the trending #FreeBritney and how the hashtag has gotten more media coverage to represent what is going on withe Britney Spears. I decided to go with Youtube content about #FreeBritney niche due to making it simpler and more advance to get my media niche across to my audience about the controversies behind #FreeBritney and why there was this trend in the first place. Preparing Controversial Studios Presents, I gained multiple synthesises and combined them into one through the ideology of structured and unstructured which was learnt through out BCM241.

The way I used unstructured information such as the #FreeBritney Trend and what fans have posted, gave me great examples to put on my Youtube channel of observation participant acts such as the protests in front of the Los Angeles courts and gather in structured focus groups online to help fellow pop star Britney Spears regain her freedom. I also found my DA to be inlined with the latest news so it was easier for me to present to my audience my opinion about the on going case and repost the news on twitter/instagram using #FreeBritney also to be within the community.


  1. G’day Shalisse!

    I think you’ve done a really great job of describing how you have autoethnographically researched your niche as well as explained how you’ve cultivated your online presence. Your presentation is really well done and I love the use of video footage that matches up to what you’re explaining to the viewer. I think you’ve done a stellar job. My only question is now that Britney’s court case has officially ended, is this going to impact your DA in anyway? Has your DA change, or will it change to accommodate this fluctuation? Are there any ethical issues you need to be aware of moving forward?

    Good luck with your project. I look forward to seeing more of it.


  2. Hey Shalisse.

    The point that directly standouts out to me is the great job you have done in identifying and describing not only your media niche but the expensive research you’ve done behind it. The content you have created is of a high quality standard and informative, allowing someone like myself from an outsiders perspective to comprehend what you a delivering. The use of video footage with the written text is great as it breaks up the communication of your DA and allows for a more in depth perspective on what it is all about.

    Overall I think your DA project is a great one and I sense in the confidence you speak with that you’ll have no issues leading up to your final digital artefact. Like Bella mentioned above I also thought of how your DA will be impacted now that Britney’s court case is done, is there any plan moving forward with your DA knowing that eventually this court case would end. Also, how did you feel being apart of a movement like this? No matter how small or large you can definitely say you had an impact in bringing this outcome forward for Britney.

    All the best with your digital artefact.


  3. Hi Shalisse,

    It’s really great to see how your DA has progressed! You did an excellent job explaining how you have conducted your ethnographic research. It is clear that you have a thorough understanding of the lecture content and reading as you have done an excellent job applying the methodology to your own work. Your video is really good quality and it demonstrates your research quite well.

    Good luck with the rest of your project.


  4. Hello Shalisse,
    I really like your topic and the approach you are taking to develop your work.
    Defining your changes are excellent and you’ve provided excellent examples on how to make attempts to improve your work.

    I hear your enthusiasm and your interest in the topic shows. You’ve got a well mapped out methodology and the quality of your work is high. I enjoyed reading every detail, it was interesting to see how educational your piece was. Overall, I see your diligence and hard work paying off. Keep up the good work.

    -Xoese Attipoe


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