Analysing Raessen’ts frameworks through GTA 

Raessen’t frameworks are straight forward categories that highlights types of participation within the gaming industry which is interpretation, construction and reconfiguration. With this said he also has sub categories that are techniques of the above frameworks: virtuality, multimediality, interactivity and connectivity. All of these frameworks come together and in sync with hand to hand work.

Understanding Multimediality:

Multimediality is a simple way to use more than one media source in anything. For an example if you are writing a blog and decide to add more media sources such as videos or sounds in the blog post that would be using multimediality. GTA is another video game that uses multimediality by using audio, text and visuals within the video game such as sound effects when the characters use guns, police sirens and speaking to one another, audio is used to make the game overall interactive.

What is Virtuality?:

Virtuality is the experience of codes as having a temporal and spatial dimension which is illustrated in the same category as multimediality. GTA represents virtuality by being based in an absurd virtual world in Los Angeles where everything is legalised from stealing cars and creating violence towards people. Techniques such as virtuality connect all together in GTA with interactivity and connectivity.

Meaning of interactivity:

Interactively within games media, can be defined as the ability of a computer to respond to a users input. With GTA, It’s easy being interactive through using the mouse on the computer or using the controller to control your characters movement and activities they do. Game & interactive media is the creation of video games and interactive media programs using advanced computer programming and animation techniques. (animation creation career reviews)

What is connectivity?

Connectivity is connecting networks together to play and interact with each other, with this said this means connecting an individual across all gaming devices and networks so they can verse or play with each other. However as this is a way of being social, it’s also being anti social and effecting the attention economy by being attached to gaming and phone devices. With GTA, it can connect across all devices and everyone can verse each other.

GTA is explained through out my DA Controversial Studios Presents and has these elements of visuality, connectivity and multimediality through the unethical reasonings of GTA.

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