Observing Research and Creating an Online Persona for #FreeBritney

For my DA in #BCM 241, I have created an easy and accessible online niche to present to my audience the research and my passion behind #FreeBritney. By sharing my digital artefact on twitter I have gained knowledge on who uses twitter and found that it is easier for myself to upload youtube links for Controversial Studios Presents.

With autoethnographic research, I have assembled media coverage, documentaries, twitter and instagram posts to observe the situation with Britney Spears and how social media has helped her with the undergoing conservatorship. Most of the research also includes digital and net ethnographies that is highlighted through out my DA. Also the unstructured twitter hashtag has over 3.5 million posts to help with my research and observe the audience of #FreeBritney. As apart of the Britney Army fanbase, using fan instagram accounts for getting the latest information on her court case has also highlighted my participation in my chosen Media Niece due to following and viewing stories of these fan accounts.

It is important to observe the actual fanbase of Britney Spears and how it has impacted her freedom in the conservatorship in order to provide my recount on Controversial Studios Presents. #FreeBritney was taken from twitter into the physical world as fans protested outside Washington and Los Angeles courts which impacted the decision to lift her father as Conservator due to the fans causing more and more media coverage.

Ultimately, by using more digital and net ethnographic research I am able to provide sufficient evidence to continue with Controversial Studios Presents and use my personal experience as a Britney Spears fan to observe the trending hashtag and keep up to date with what is happening with her court case.

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