Pitching for #FreeBritney!

“FreeBritney” Protest in Los Angeles

Auto-ethnographic research addresses personal experiences through writing and connect this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings. “Autoethnography is typically defined as an approach to research that puts the self at the center of cultural analysis.” – Kathy Roulston

With the above stated, This is the value I am striving for to uncover and depict the trending hashtag #FreeBritney. I will also be analysing it through observation of participating protests, semi structured documentaries about the conservatorship and structured social media platforms that participate in fanbase groups. My observations so far have helped me structured a study about the reasoning behind #FreeBritney and why so many people from celebrities, fans and mental health avocets are participating in a current court battle between Britney and her Father Jaime Spears. Also with the observations I have been studying, It has helped me shape my hypothesis that a trending hashtag can create a media and fan frenzy to help one’s controversial court case. Through the given frame-works I will be mainly be using secondary source to research through net ethnography for my #FreeBritney with include information from Forbes, Channel 9’s ‘Framing Britney Spears’ documentary, Twitter and many other media coverage sources.

My online auto -ethnographic research of #FreeBritney will coincide also with my BCM 215 Digital Artefact Controversial Studios Presents as my case study of #FreeBritney will be posted weekly on my Youtube channel. This is where I will discuss my analytical research on #FreeBritney where I will be observing my fellow Britney Spears Fans and strictly report on my own experience as an audience member of #FreeBritney empire.

Weekly Schedule of #FreeBritney



Roulston Kathy, ” What Is Auto-Ethnography” Webblog 2018, Last Viewed 19th August 2021.

8 thoughts on “Pitching for #FreeBritney!

  1. Hi Shalisse, you have a great understanding of the topic and have conveyed this through your pitch. The platforms you have chosen to work on are great as there is already an online community who are all fighting for the same thing. It’s good to see a well-structured weekly timetable set in place and sources linked to benefit your research. Including a field site map in the pitch will help show each area of your field site in a little more detail, other than that keen to see the final product and keep up the good work.


  2. I love your choice of media niche Shalisse! I can already tell that you’re going to create a great DA. I almost wish I thought of ethnographically researching the Free Britney hashtag myself (crying emoji). I think it is going to be a really good niche to explore, specifically through the participatory method. I think the approach you have taken in your pitch is consistent, and I really enjoyed the first part of the video and think you explained Britney’s situation very well. It might be interesting to explore the comments on her Instagram that ask her to wear a yellow shirt if she is in trouble.
    You might potentially battle with a few ethical components within your research as her conservatorship has been quite controversial in the media. I found your pitch very engaging and really enjoyed the use of the footage of Britney. Your accompanying blog is very well written and I believe you have appropriately referenced the lecture content and readings. I am excited to see your YouTube videos and podcast.
    I can see that you have thought about your research plan, and I think that your timeline is very well structured.
    I found this journal article online, ‘The Britney Spears universe: Social media and viral marketing at its best’ and thought it might be useful for your research. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0007681311001248?casa_token=4PkkxUyzjjcAAAAA:wkIHYONU_umNLLjABtgGNc7MVKzTZ9LwkLw7cXhBi9qi8NWTPfY8FmNbL8DwXNTPESeHVRQI1q0


  3. You kick off with a great understanding of #FreeBritney and auto-ethnographic research. Studying #FreeBritney is extremely on the pulse of today’s social media news and relevancy, and still unfolds before our eyes. You have a structured approach and a clear lens to research with, noting many kinds of research that apply to #FreeBritney. You are focused and passionate about developing your DA, which is crucial for an audience member to feel! I love that you are researching such an important story of our culture. Additionally, you have a good understanding of the lecture material. A final edit of this blog post would be beneficial to tidy up several grammar and punctuation errors and ensure professional writing. An edit of your weekly schedule, to include up to Week 13, would be beneficial as well. You successfully categorise, but don’t tag your post, so I would just add the relevant tags as well. You include a small reference list and in-text referencing which is good, however, the pitch requires researching and citing more academic resources. I would love to see a field site included in the post so we, the audience, can see where and how you branch off into research. I would also love to hear more about your practical approach to autoethnographic researching and DA development. Your YouTube account for #FreeBritney sounds very interesting and informative, and I look forward to watching! #FreeBritney!


  4. Hi Shalisse, your DA is very interesting as it has a lot of a media presence already and focuses on advocacy for Britney. It is clear that you have an in-depth understanding of this issue which you have conveyed through your pitch video. There’s also a clear amount of evidence shown in your video however, it may be challenging to find scholarly articles on it (I’m in the same situation don’t worry haha). YouTube is also a great platform as well that you have chosen. Your timetable is also very well-structured. I think you have a really solid base with information clearly shown. Keen to see how your DA goes.



  5. You’re blog post seems to be in order, it follows the criteria really well, I love the quality of the post too, its its very professional in how it’s structured which I assume is due to the heavy topic. You’re very consistent with your writing approach and you obviously have a passion for the project too since you stated that you’ll be participating in some of the on going protests.

    I do have some negatives though, it seems you have some grammatical inconsistencies, however tis doesn’t take from the post all that much. I do think that in you’re video you talk a bit too quickly and there are some clips that you use that drown you out completely. Overall, however it was very enjoyable.


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