Controversial Studios Presents.. PITCH!

Grand Theft Auto

Controversial video games has caught my eye since I was introduced to games with the non ethical ideology and the analysis behind the characters presented in the video games. “Video game controversies refers to a wide range of debates on the social effects of video games on players and broader society, as well as debates within the video game industry.” (Wikipedia)

For My Digital Artefact (Controversial Studios Presents), I will be highlighting in scheduled weekly youtube videos about one controversial game and analysing it through frameworks such as post structuralism, Psychoanalysis of characters and textual analysis of the game in general. With this stated, I will be crossing over both my BCM courses, BCM 215 and BCM 241 as both relate and coincide well with each-other due to both involving the media and how they express controversial topics. I will be using Youtube as a source to talk about the research I have found with players and the media outtake on these controversial games.

The majority of my research will be secondary sources on controversy games including academic resources to proper analyse the meaning behind these criticised games and what the thought process behind the outraged characters performing controversial activities in the game. “This criticism of GTA: San Andreas focused on its recapitulation of popular media’s depiction of African-American males as hyper-violent and criminal.” (Benjamin Devane) The scholarly research will expand my analysis by going into further depth about the protagonist actions in the video game and the reaction it gets from the media and users.

From a post structural point of view, I believe my considerate approach for my Youtube analysis videos is to get different point of views from the media and the users of the video games to formally put together a study to illustrate to my audience the cautions and knowledge behind these types of video games. There is also a political economy element through out the concept of controversial video games to be processed, as controversial video games challenges the ethical correct gaming and appropriate context for any young viewers. Games should be for all and to be made ethically.

My digital artefact strives to examine controversial video games in the media and bring an understanding to my audience to why these controversial videos are criticised and also analyse the dangers of exposing these video games to a younger audience. I hope to encourage people to take into consideration before playing violent video games and to also express the ideology behind these games.

References: The Meaning of Race and Violence in Grand Theft AutoSan Andreas, Benjamin Devane, Kurt squire, 2008 Wikipedia, August 2021

9 thoughts on “Controversial Studios Presents.. PITCH!

  1. Shalisse, this post is very detailed and well organized. Your chosen topic allows for a wide variety of games to be looked at, and I wonder what games aside from the GTA series you will investigate. When you talked about the “different points of view from the media”, it would be good if you could identify what news organizations you would be discussing and gathering sources from them. You explained each of your frameworks quite well and how they will apply to your digital artifact. Here is a scholarly article talking about the impact of violent video games on young children and can help strengthen your argument about the dangers of violent video games on a younger audience. I am looking forward to your Youtube series and digital artifact Shalisse.

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  2. Shalisse, this digital artefact idea is extremely interesting. With GTA being the second most sold video game of all time, it is really enticing to look at it from this point of view. Considering your chosen topic i would be really interested in seeing which other video games you could look at. My main suggestion would be Red Dead Redemption as it looks at very similar frameworks just set in a different times. Here is an article about Red Dead that I believe would work as great research for your DA as it looks at violence towards women in red dead redemption 2. . Super excited to see what you do next with this!


  3. Hi Shalisse! I think this is a very interesting topic that you are going to be working on and I’m excited to see the outcome of your project. I like that you’ve included a YouTube video of controversial video games, as it gave me some idea as to what sort of games you’re planning to look at. I thought your blog post and video flowed well together and it seems like you have a good handle on the lectures and class material. I’m also very curious to see what you plan to do each week on this project as your timeline only has TBA. My only suggestion would be to maybe try to sound more natural in your videos but that’s not a necessity at all! Really good job!


  4. This blog post provides clear and detailed insight into your plan for your DA. Some more detail could’ve been beneficial in regards to what games and/ or besides from violence what other controversial elements of games you may want to look into. This text book chapter, ( dives into the history of game violence and addiction to games so could be a beneficial source in your analysis of controversial games as having information on the history could both give reasoning to and support your current findings. Overall your pitch is a great successful in meeting the criteria as you have made a plan, chosen a media format and done background research 🙂


  5. The digital artefact you have chosen to create is a really interesting topic and it is clear to me that you have an interest in this topic and game genre. The non-ethical ideology you mentioned in relation to these controversial games is an important part of gaming and the way games have been created over the years. I actually didn’t know the GTA was originally banned in Australia? So clearly I found your pitch blog and video really informative and educational. It was really well demonstrated that you conducted thorough background research to really follow up the information and pitch you were providing to us. Through the weekly schedule, you provided it is clear to see you are well organised and have a clear understanding of where you’d like this digital artefact to go, as well as how it will measure against your uni schedule as well. The analytical framework you have decided to go with tends to fit into the topic of controversial games really well in the sense that you even were able to give reasonable explanations to how they relate to the topics and analysis. In regards to having youtube as the platform you will be using to post your digital artefact I think youtube can be such a beneficial platform especially for game streamers, analysis pages and reviews. The link I have provided below gives a little bit of insight on how to utilise youtube in the sense of reaching your intended audience. The link comes from YouTube itself and even has some really good resources that may help this expand further.

    Overall I think you have really found a great project and I look forward to seeing where you take this.


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