Legendary Tales of WWE – Legends Of Wrestling II – Game Boy Advance

Legends Of Wrestling II – Game Boy Advance

“The Game Boy Advance version was by far the lowest-rated WWE game of all time. Described as ugly, clunky, and just plain awful, the game proved to be a train wreck.”. (Koebernik,2020)

So when thinking of analysing a ‘bad’ game I tend to think about GameBoy due experiences on the device and reviews on it. “Legends of Wrestling ll” on GameBoy Advance was deemed the worst WWE game of all time due to its picturing and lag on the game. I have structured my analytical framework around structuralism and textual analysis to depict the Legends of Wrestling ll” on the technology piece GameBoy and creating an analysis about the game as played.

What is textual analysis? – Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies Diane Carr

So I have researched about Legends of WWE ll as if I am playing the game and what meaning I take of it through textual analysis. By achieving this I’ve collected data about the game and structured them to help understand why this was deemed the worst out of WWE games published. Due to the game being illustrated on PlayStation first, the introduction on the cover was deemed false advertising which caused a stir when viewers would purchase the game and expected a realistic setting. “The character graphics aren’t nearly as realistic or as colorful as the introductory portraits, so the inclusion of any famous names is pretty much meaningless.”  (Frank Provo, 2002) With this stated, the structure and the ideology on the imagery of the game didn’t match on the GameBoy as it did on Playstation which therefore focuses my lens on the structuralism of the games imagery and setting to deem it a bad game.

Visual Representation of Legends of Wrestling ll

Let’s say I was a co-designer of Legends of WWE 2 and I was thinking about the textual visuals of this game and how I also interpret this in a post-structuralism way. In what ways would I create colourful and realistic visuals that was meant for Playstation and place it on GameBoy Advance? Firstly, I would consider to put myself in a User’s perspective and create the game in a less complex aspect as the game was also deemed difficult after critics slaughtered its visuals. Overall the game recieved a


Frank Provo, December 19th 2002 Weblog:


Diana Carr, Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies


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